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Meeting minutes

Minutes from meeting of 9/1/16.
We had thirty members in attendance, pretty good considering we were up against the first night of NCAA football.
Over the summer the SCCT Board of Directors met, and actions taken were reviewed. They were:
  1. Our annual show will remain in place this year, but we are looking to relocate next year for various reasons.
    1. Theme for this year's show is the Treaty of Maumee Rapids.
    2. There will be some changes: developing a budget, security & etc.
  2. Our meeting place will stay the same this year, but again, we are looking to relocate for various reasons.
  3. Annual dues will increase to $10.00 this year.
  4. No food will be allowed at our meetings, with the exception of:
    1. Annual Cider & Doughnuts
    2. Annual Christmas Party
    3. Annual Picnic
    4. Club-provided birthday cake for those members 80+ years old.
    Drink bottles with a cap will be allowed. Keep cap on when not in use.
  5. Minutes from meetings will be posted on our website. They will no longer be read at our meetings.
  6. Turn off cell phones. Ringtones and phone conversations are annoying and rude while our meeting is going on. If it is important, they will leave a message.
  7. Do not conduct sidebar conversations while someone has the floor. This is also annoying and rude. The person who has the floor will say "We will wait" and then stop until cessation of the conversation.
Irv is in the ICU following neck surgery. Keep him in your thoughts. Jim will be having surgeries and will miss several meetings. Keep him in your thoughts as well. The program tonight was a club auction of material donated by Don McGill. Thank you Don, for helping to replenish our club treasury. Another great job by our affable auctioneer, Gene. A reminder that our next meeting will take place at the Toledo Museum of Art. You will receive a parking pass at the meeting, otherwise it is $5.00 to park. We will do the sell-it-yourself and you may set up as always. Drawings will be done as usual. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 and will be short (no business). Enter at the main entrance from the parking lot. Someone will direct you to the meeting room. The majority of the time will be used by Museum personnel who will do a presentation of Visual Methodologies. By all means, come early and visit the galleries prior to the meeting (don't get too engaged and miss the meeting ?).

The Stamp Collectors' Club of Toledo is a non-profit organization chartered by the State of Ohio.
For information and questions about the Stamp Collectors Club of Toledo or the Toledo Stamp Expo write to:
SCCT P.O. Box 2, Maumee, OH 43537-0002
Last modified on: September 19, 2016
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